Accents and Dialects

Richard Crossman – Accents & Dialects

Richard Crossman is a highly skilled voice over actor and would love to discuss your next project. He has a natural talent for accents and various dialects from the United States, Britain, and the UK, German and French accents. Characters come to life through Richard’s talent for character acting, and his love for storytelling.

Trust Richard to bring the utmost professionalism in his performance and audio quality. Review his demos below.

As a voice actor Richard Crossman is an explorer, he’s always looking to engage with new characters, opportunities and projects. Richard takes on projects of all shapes and sizes; from Eclectic Indie Children’s Audio Books to Public Service Advisories, Radio Dramas and Commercials.

Accents and Dialects

Dialects and Accent Demos

Sustainable Travel British Accent
Carbon Explainer BR
Scot's Dialect The Boy Wha Lived, excerpt from The Philosopher's Stane
Scottish Accent Excerpt from Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone
British RP - The British Museum
European French - explainer en francais
French Language - Le Petit Prince
e-Learning en Francais
Presentation for a non-profit
Testez votre forme
German Accent - The Little Prince
Italian Language - La Traviata - Stage Directions