Audiobook Narration

Richard Crossman – Audiobook Narrator

Richard Crossman is a professional voice actor experienced in audiobook narration, and would love to discuss your next project. You can trust Richard to bring compelling characters to life, along with a natural talent for storytelling to each audiobook project he voices. Richard specializes in non fiction books: autobiographies, history, science, religion, politics, business, travel and many more.  Review his demos below.

As a voice actor Richard Crossman is an explorer, he’s always looking to engage with new characters, opportunities and projects. Richard takes on projects of all shapes and sizes; from Eclectic Indie Children’s Audio Books to Public Service Advisories, Radio Dramas and Commercials.

Audiobook Narration

Audiobook Demo

Audiobook - non-fiction
Grandma's Cookies
Scottish Accent Excerpt from Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone
The Night Before Christmas excerpt with sound effects
Santa Greeting
Santa - Twas the Night Before Christmas
Bear Stays Up
Finding Christmas
The Christmas Eve Tree

Want More Santa?

Richard Crossman is available for Christmas Parties, special messages, live streams, and more! Learn more about Richard’s Santa services and how to book Santa for the upcoming holiday season below: