eLearning Voice Over

Richard Crossman – eLearning Narration

Richard Crossman is a professional eLearning voice over actor and would love to discuss your next project. Richard brings his chops as a teacher into his eLearning narration. Trust Richard to keep your learners engaged with natural storytelling abilities, a teacher’s spirit and professional audio quality. Whether is it corporate e-learning, K-12 childrens’ e-learning, medical or other subject, Richard is well qualified to voice your projects. Review his demos below.

As a voice actor Richard Crossman is an explorer, he’s always looking to engage with new characters, opportunities and projects. Richard takes on projects of all shapes and sizes; from Eclectic Indie Children’s Audio Books to Public Service Advisories, Radio Dramas and Commercials.

eLearning Voice Over

eLearning Demo

e-Learning conversational B2B
e-Learning corporate
e-learning Scottish Accent