Meet richard

Let’s get to know the Voice Acting Magician better

Q. Richard, where did the title of Voice Acting Magician come from?

A. I have developed a reputation over the years for sprinkling magic on the scripts I am given, bringing characters to life and enchanting audiences with my spellbinding storytelling. The name reflects my ability to transform something ordinary into something special.

Q. Your voice is a finely tuned instrument. How did you master your craft?

A. You can’t fake experience. No amount of smoke and mirrors can compete with a career spanning more than five decades, including time spent as a classically trained opera singer, teacher, and actor.

Voice acting is a cunning mix of selecting the best character, accent, and delivery for the job. There is no substitute for working tirelessly in front of live audiences on a stage to develop the art of voice control and projection. As the Voice Acting Magician, my skill is being able to blend the elements of the script and my talents into the perfect concoction to wow the listener.

Q. You have enjoyed an illustrious career. To what do you attribute your success?

A. I have always loved to perform, and at the heart of everything I have done, whether on stage or in the classroom, there has been a story to tell. There is no better way to engage an audience than with a touch of make-believe. My passion is bringing characters to life so the audience can suspend reality and lose themselves in their own world. I have a tome of spells to choose from. Whether I need to be clear and concise, deep and dramatic or light and fantastical, I know exactly which one to call upon.

Q. You speak several languages and offer a variety of dialects and accents. How did they come about?

A. I mastered French, German and Italian when I was singing opera. With a musical ear and the gift of learning new sounds quickly, I am continuously expanding my repertoire of dialects and accents and am currently working on mastering more.

Much of my time is spent in character. I have performed more than 200 characters on stage, film, and television and can happily go from portraying Professor Dumbledore in Harry Potter to Alfredo in La Traviata. With this diversity in my portfolio, I am often called upon to use the whole gamut of my linguistic abilities, including mastery of several European languages and various dialects.

Voice acting is pure joy. It allows me to combine the skills and talents I have developed throughout my lengthy career and apply them to various commercial projects. Whether in character or in person, my voice can spellbind audiences of any age.



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