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Richard Crossman – Politcal Spots

Political ads and campaign commercials are designed to provide information which will start or shift conversations, influence political debate, and perhaps most importantly, get votes! Richard Crossman knows just the right tone for your political audience.

Articulate, intelligent, believable and trustworthy have all been used to describe Richard’s work. He has a versatile delivery style honed from many years as a teacher and professor, suited to any campaign and will engage the listener.

Richard is a veteran of stage and on-camera performing and brings all his dramatic experience to his voiceover work with the same authenticity as his stage and film characters.

Richard can deliver your message from bi-partisan issues, to political campaigns, whether positive, negative or comparision style in a way that will resonate with voters.

Richard Crossman Political Voiceover


Bi-Partisan Voting Rights
Donald Trump
Doug Ford Ontario negative ad 1
Doug Ford Attack Ad